Sunday, July 9, 2017


Hello dusty blog, what's up how are ya. I missed you so much, sorry for neglecting you for months now. I have not been able to spare my time for other things except for sleep. I honestly admit that I'm really scared for my future because I legit don't wanna sacrifice my sleep for other things or anyone since I began my intership. How la nak jadi a successfull working mom liddis. Work has drained all my energy and whenever I'm not too tired from work, I just don't wanna do anything other than scrolling my phone. 

I'm on my last week of my internship now and despite all the hustles that I despise of having to go through, I'm quite proud of myself for not only holding up for the past 25 weeks, but also for being able to do audit itself. I may have complained a lot everyday, but deep down I'm truly grateful for the invaluable experience.
However, I wish to build a bright future with a lot of money without having to work in audit or accounting world lol they suck so much, bye.

One of the reasons to not complain at work: the helpful and crazy people