Monday, April 10, 2017

Auditor? Accountant? How about no?

It's been 4 months since the last time I blogged and my previous posts were really... er Imma just shut up because just thinking about it makes me cry (not that I don't cry on a daily basis huhu). Anyway, just a little update, (to my future self), today marked the first day of the 13th week of my internship as an auditor slash accountant. Yup, that's right. I'm really doing my internship now. Who the f would actually believe that? My old self would be so proud of me right now because I am still... alive... Okay, I'm alive, and complaining. A lot. But oh my gosh, week 13? (Although the more appropriate sentence to describe my actual emotion right now is- it's only been week 13???) (but yea). It has already been 13 weeks since I devoted and sold myself to this company, which by the way underpays its workers and deducted their trainees's salary just right before our first pay. But here I am, collecting all the courage I can get just to finish the remaining 13 weeks of my internship (26 weeks altogether). I don't know whether to be grateful that I get to learn a lot by doing all of these jobs, or to be whiny and continue being the millennial that I am, asking for my right to be paid fairly with the jobs I'm being tasked.

But whatever it is, I am not gonna give up, no matter how badly I'm being affected by my work, and the fact that I hate accounting even more now that I can actually see how it is in real life. I will not stop halfway. I'm gonna get over with this thing real quick and leave these bad memories behind haha... hm.

This post is a mess. Just like I am.

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