Friday, September 23, 2016

I started this semester with a new spirit and motivation, that I wouldn't go by a day without studying and actually trying to solve accounting questions that can never be solved alone. I had this thinking that if everyone else can ace, I could too. I set aside my hatred for accounting. I deactivated my twitter so that I could concentrate in class, even the most boring subject, I would listen to every word my lecturer said.  All in all, I really tried everything I could to bring back the momentum I should have had all this while. I was completely motivated for everything this semester, from my studies to my music thingy.

It lasted for not more than three weeks only. I've lost all the motivation to go to class or even to get up from bed. I'm not the one who skips classes but I've missed two days of classes. That's six classes in total.

Right now I feel like it's 2012 all over again. I was left behind without any explanation. Right now, every explanation just keeps stabbing me in the heart.

I hate losing myself like this.

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