Thursday, August 4, 2016

Still Clueless

I'm here on my college bed, just done watching four movies in a row, and my back is too tired from all the sitting. I have tonnes of assignments to be done, of which I don't even care to complete. The only thing that will force me to do it are my group mates. I don't wanna cause any trouble to anybody. so yeah.

Yesterday my aunt told me to try to go for a scholarship for ACCA, and my mind went automatically "NO". Imma be taking the 5th and the last accounting subject next semester and I hope it will be the last time I'm learning it, though I still have other accounting-related subjects to be taken like advanced tax/audit. To be honest I still can't believe I haven't failed any accounting subject (only managed to get a C for every accounting paper, though) because every paper I answered was "what the fuck what the actual fuck". Accounting exams are really exhausting. I think I understand accounting in the bigger picture, but I really have no interest in doing all the balancing and stuff. No.

So right now, I'm planning to just go with everything. To just be done with my degree. I hate that seeing C's on my exam slips doesn't surprise me anymore.

P/s: I hope I won't force my future children to take any course that *I* want them to have. 

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