Saturday, May 7, 2016

Pieces of me

My last post was on February. Whew! I used to write every single thing that happened to me on this blog because I felt like it's the only way I could talk about my feelings. I still do, though. But as I grow up, I feel like feelings are personal things I should keep to myself. However, I do write them down sometimes when I'm desperate haha. I'm not emo, my life is all good, nothing major ever happened to me (yet) and the mainly all the sadness and anger and frustrations I feel come from my laziness and stupidity lol. Really though.

I have been feeling down lately because I can't do anything right. I hate HATE HATE accounting and I failed all of its papers, I'm terrible with my fingers and can't do new things with my guitar, and I have not been seeing my boyfriend for 10 months now ;(

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