Sunday, February 28, 2016

My earliest memories

1. I'm not sure if my brain has really been storing this memory or I have been making this scene since I was little, but I remember when I was still a baby and I had majlis cukur jambul. Of course my majlis cukur jambul. There were a lot of people. Women, specifically. Familiar faces. And also there's another baby who I believe was my cousin. People were singing that marhaban song. Or ayat haha

2. Next one is the memory that is supported by a photo! I remember going to a carnival and as usual, we lost our father. I waited at a tembok with my mother and both of my bros were told to go look for my father. And idk if the scene was the real scene but at least I remember when it happened. From the photo, I probably just learned how to walk 

3. I was playing with my cousin while drinking chrysanthemums tea. And my straw got stuck in the pack. Went to atok and he got it out. My hero <3

4. I was crying at Nua because I wanted his ice cream. (Note: I wanted everything my brothers had haha) he eventually gave me that ice cream but when I went to atok who was painting our old house, he ate like half of it haha :( 

5. Atok giving me money everytime we said goodbye (by goodbye I mean everyday) which he put in his  green belt.

6. When I was a kid, I got very excited about going to grandma's because cousins. I remember my parents were praying magrib prayer and I kept asking my mom "mak betul ke jap lagi nak gi rumah nenek. Betul ke mak. Mak. Mak. Betul ke". I think she was bothered by me and to stop me from bothering her praying, she nodded. While praying ;D

7. My first memories were filled with memories with atok, including the memory when he passed away :( It was late at night. Everyone was crying. I didn't understand anything and all I knew was I wanted to sleep. The next day atok  was wrapped in white clothes. I was forced by my mother to kiss his forehead. He smelled weird and I didn't like it. I understood nothing. Cause I was only 3 when he passed on. (I'm crying right now why isn't he still alive)

I think my memory stopped there, until I was 6 when my sister was born. 

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