Wednesday, January 6, 2016

When I was in school, I had many friends that I was close with, and I think it's just my style that my bestfriends were seasonal. And it would be just my seasonal bestfriend and me for a year or two. And you'd see me anywhere with her and her only. Besides having Wandegels, i would always have another bestfriend whom did not really want to belong to Wandegels. Or they had another circle of friends that I didn't really wanna belong to either. 

But one thing I remember most is, I had a friend who kinda, sorta made me her duff. She might not intentionally made me one, but whenever I was with her, I felt like I was only her accessory. Eh wait. To be more accurate, I think I was her assistance? Lol. She'd make me walk with her or take the bus with her just because she didn't wanna be seen awkward walking alone. She even made me hold her stuff like her books or her lunchbox or anything, simply because she thought she didn't look pretty holding all those stuff! Major lol. She also made me go to a tuition class I didn't wanna go, but I did anyway cause I didn't wanna be a bad friend.

It got me thinking of how much I have changed since then. Before this, I might let other people use me, but now? Hell no. If my friend wants to do something her way, I might follow but if it troubles me, I won't do it. 

And now I don't have that kinda friend anymore. That seasonal bestfriend I used to have. What does that mean?

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