Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Since emotions are important

I don't like people deciding what I should do, what's good and bad for me, what's right and what's not. I ask people for opinion just for the sake of knowing what they think about something without making their judgment influence my decision. I don't let anyone manipulate me either directly or indirectly. And since I am all this, it irks me to see someone else being manipulated too. I hate seeing people's emotions get crushed and stumped on. Nope, be it your partner, your bestest friend or someone you are not close with. 

Be your own hero. But better yet, be your own hero without being a jerk to anyone. Sometimes we don't even realize we are an arse but that's only because we don't pay much and enough attention to everyone. And sometimes we do notice we are an arse to people, but we continue being one anyway because we think we deserve to treat them like that. 

It all comes back to you and your common sense. Be emotionally intelligent. 

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