Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Superpower, I guess?

I think one of my superpowers that I always know I have is detect people's emotions through their way of walking, moving things, talking, responding to people, texting, and the way they breathe. Yup BREATHE. It sometimes annoys me that I can quickly feel their emotions because I then tend to be too cautious and end up being the most awkward, boring person. 

I usually can tell when my roommates are not in a good mood the second they set foot in our room. Or if people indirect tweet me (this one is easy tho). 

On the contrary, it's hard for people to know my feelings. It could be a blessing or a poop, depending on the situation. I can hide it when I'm mad at people but yeah, people hardly ever notice that I am mad. God... Why is it so hard to tell people that you're mad without actually telling them 

Ps: i notice everything I just don't feel the need to respond or justify myself to you :-)


Hanin ♡ said...

first paragraph is soooooooooooooo me!

Saidatul Fadzilah said...


Edryna said...

Hi-five for having the same issue with ourselves zz