Friday, July 10, 2015


I have just done the thing I never thought I'd actually do; deleting my twitter. I might sound over dramatic here but it is as though I deleted my life. I have always been sentimental about my stuff, I'm not the type who can just throw away or erase anything and leave and MOVE ON easily. Nope. However it doesn't mean I never thought of deleting it. I just didn't have the guts. Anyway, the reason I deleted is I felt uneasy looking at my tweets which were gonna exceed 100k. One hundred thousand tweets. And I bet 90% of them were nonsense, complaints, cuss words, trash talks and backbiting. Idk if it's because of ramadan (hahaha) but I really felt like every single thing I tweeted will be questioned and judged so hard by god. Those 100k tweets also reminded (still do, though) me of my past, my mistakes. I googled my named and I found tweets from when I was still with my ex. Yekkksughthfuu. That's the part of my past I wanna erase the most. 

But sayang sangat that account because yuna once replied to me :( and her mother followed me...

And in memories of @dlaaa, I now use @dlvvv as my username lels

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