Friday, July 10, 2015


I can't remember the last time I read about something serious and mature. I don't even read on the first place, let alone on issues that need some thinking and opinion. I blame twitter for taking most of my time thus making me more indulged on issues like early marriage, makeup, relationship goals and whatnot kahkah. Last week I tweeted about kena gigit nyamuk on at least  5 different spots and as someone who has skin allergy, it annoyed me. Whatever it is I'm not justifying on why I tweeted it. I tweet sampah everyday pun. But a guy replied to me, "kena gigit nyamuk pun nak tweet". I was like, "EKSEKIUS MI? AKU ADE TWEET PAKAI JARI KAU KE". I wanted to reply that, but I looked over his tweets, and his tweets were mostly him complaining it's hot, life's empty, hmms, lapar. Then I thought takpe lah. Orang cakap tak serupa bikin ni takyah la nak sarcastic dengan dia. Buang masa buat dosa je sakitkan hati orang. I replied "haah sebab aku tak guna duit kau :-)" and instantly muted him.

Izzy pizzy lemon squeazy.

When you are annoyed by someone, there's always the unfollow button, or if you don't wanna be rude, just mute. Kenapa nak sakitkan otak baca benda annoying and then complain afterwards. Tak make sense eh. But then again, sukatilah kau nak buat apa :8)

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