Monday, December 22, 2014

Like every other semester, when it comes to study week, I'll be deactivating my twitter. Usually it's because I don't wanna get distracted, but this time round, it's because I wanna avoid sinning for judging and cursing over stupid and judgmental nutheads. I don't get it that we can be addicted to reading people's mean words and complaining about what they do that we don't like. Isn't it a waste of time though? But guess what, that's what we do all the time, that's the first thing we'd do whenever we have free time, and the worst, we procrastinate our works for that stupid thing???

These days I find myself scrolling through fb's newsfeed more often than before. As much as they say facebook is full of stupid dumbfak, I think there are a lot more of those on twitter.

I might sound bajet bagus with this post, but really, that's cause I feel like I AM ONE OF THOSE STUPID DAMFAKs

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