Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lately I've been relly mad about people around me being selfish and such. I questioned everything and everyone, if they needed to be that selfish and only care about themselves and their own feelings. How they think people around have to accept how they do things because it's how they are, but not reciprocate that rule to people. Meaning that they don't realize that they too have to consider other people's way of doing things.

"Ini diri aku. Kau kena faham aku"

Well people will never understand each other, not fully. Why can't people make everything easier by not being selfish?

But it got me thinking
How people around me,
Have to put up,
With my selfishness.

I think that real selfishness is thinking that others are being selfish.

And that's how I've always thought of others.
I think that they are selfish.
While it has always been me who is self-ish.

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