Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Just a few hours ago everyone was bickering whether it is haram or not to touch a dog. To be honest, I'm quite sad that we can't touch it without a solid reason. I'd always thought touching a dog or a pig was something permissible, and only required some cleaning afterwards. I was apparently wrong and I believe I wasn't alone. People who went to the I want to touch a dog event were condemned by basically everyone who I hope follow the true teachings of Islam entirely.

I guess I wasn't really upset that I can't touch the beautiful creatures (especially husky omg), plus I would sound like an unwilling believer. I'm just upset that whenever things like this happens, most people ignore what the other side has to say, what their real intention is. And most importantly, people start being a god, judging and deciding if people are sinned or not. I'm not saying that I support the event, but I understand what they wanted to do was for a decent purpose. It is the way they did it that probably wasn't really the smartest way.

I'm in no position to say anything, especially if it's regarding the religion and its mazhabs. I myself am still confused by my actions and thoughts and how I should think or which side should I pick. I hope one day I'll be able to have my own stand, and not be easily influenced by what I hear or read

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