Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tak tahu

I woke up today with a spinning head, not sure why but is it possible to blame the anger I've been holding back all this while? Wait not just anger, it's every feeling one could possibly feel. It's like my mind is telling me "stop absorbing all the feelings! One step at a time bro!". Yeah. Crazy how I have to put on a smile even though everything is messing with my feelings and my mind, my deepest thoughts and all. I wish when I'm angry or even something little gets into my nerve, I would be able to show them to people. Heck, some people make it damn easy to be mad at others, how do they even do it without feeling guilty. I'm mad when people are mad. Don't care. 

But I will probably be mad for about 9 seconds and then I start to think of all the good things they have done to me. Fruck, it so doesn't feel right being mad at people 

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