Saturday, September 27, 2014


I think I almost forgot how comfortable it is to be blogging through web. The blogger application on android sucks, though practical somehow. I don't write much lately because 1) lazy 2) twitter 3) busy (nah tipu je). Despite all the constraints, I still think it's important to write what happens now so that I won't forget about my life, later. I wanna be able to swim into my thoughts that I had in the past, I don't wanna forget every little dilemma, battle, happiness, and everything that I'm dealing with right now. I wanna reflect on myself from time to time.

My posts have been about me being angry and confused lately (all the time senanye)  because that is the truth. I know years from now, I'd be wondering why was I being emotional like a 14 year going through an emo phase haha.

Anyway, a few days before, I auditioned for the management team of IIUM Acoustic Band, and I'm through! I don't know how busy it will be but I'm stoked for it. I wanted to audition for the band itself but I only know a few basic chords which I sometimes forget,  so nope.

This is the first society I'm gonna be in, and I hope by entering this, I won't care much about my cgpa, cause I believe (I want to) that it isn't everything I should take care of during my four years here.

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