Saturday, September 27, 2014

A for B

I have a friend who's really good in english, up to a point where her malay is a little bit off, in terms of vocabulary. She always gets words mixed up, or even not know what some words mean. When we were doing our assignment last semester, I brought a topic about cendol, and how I was craving for it. Zuhairah joined the food talk by mentioning about cendol tapai. Suddenly Hajar menyampuk and said 

"oh oh i tau tapai"

We were baffled, not sure whether it's because the fact that she knew what tapai is, or the fact that she had to say that she knew what tapai is. So we asked

"ye keee, camane rupa dia"
"alaa yang bulat bulat tu kan"
"tak semestinya bulat"
"ye laa bulat bulat kan"
"dia dalam daun, mana nak tau bulat ke tak. kadang ada yang tak bulat"
"tapi i tau la dia dalam daun, and bentuk dia bulat bulat. warna dia hijau kan"
"putih-putih kuning la tapai....jap kitorang google" 

"haa ye laa kan warna hijau tu. tapi maksud i tapai yang original"
"amende yang original. cuba you lukis jap tapai you"

Then we knew what she meant by tapai was actually PETAI

So cute haha

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