Sunday, August 31, 2014

What 1

I woke up yesterday feeling confused as hell and my head had hurt since the night before. I don't mean that my birthday sucked, in fact, I spent it with wonderful people, doing what I like most--baking. I was doing okay, despite the fact that the people I expected to wish me still hadn't wished me, (my boyfriend, my family--father didn't even know it was my birthday ;D, my buttbrother nafis) until it was almost 11pm. My sister came and brought some food for a little celebration. It was when I was eating that my father told me a friend of mine was outside of our house and I could hear a loud noise of his car. That could only mean two things. My ex-boyfriend, or my boyfriend's best friend.

It was the latter.

Susu came and told me he wanted to pass something from Australia.

I wanted to cry my heart out when I found out that it was my favourite watch from Fossil. I've longed for it since I first saw it (especially Mia has one too), but kept it to myself because I know I wouldn't afford it unless a miracle happens.

And a miracle happened.

What do I do now?

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Hudaa Azman said...

ohmygoodnessss he's so sweet dila!