Saturday, July 26, 2014

We have just recently expanded our little group of friends and to be honest, they feel like home already. Not seeing their names pop up on my phone screen for a day makes my day feel incomplete, like something is really wrong. And I have apologised to a friend I lost earlier this year. God knows how glad I am now, not that we are friends again, but it's because I know that we are not in a bad state anymore. How do you walk pass someone and totally ignore their presence there? Even if it's a stranger, at least you carve a nice smile on your face. Ignoring the one who you once called a best friend, like they are just a wind in the surrounding never feels right.

And knowing that someone you've been friends with since you were seven years young, throw you away like you're just a candy wrap they don't need anymore, really fucking hurts. I just realized that one of my best best best friends has blocked me on whatsapp. No wonder I couldn't reach her through anything. She really didn't want me anymore. Wow really? My fault is really that big? What did I even do?

Adding one more thing to my pet peeves.
People hating people without stating what they did wrong. That "go figure" attitude is really making my head ache.

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