Sunday, July 20, 2014

7. Five pet peeves

Of course I googled what pet peeves means. Hahaha - minor annoyance
  1. I am easily annoyed by people who get mad, even if they have reason to. But that's only because my emotions work faster than my brain. Gimme some time to think, and I'll be sorry for feeling that way. For example, if someone gets mad over something, my reaction is "eh pahal kau nak marah??? Bapak annoying do???" but then common sense comes to my mind and that feeling goes away 
  2. When people question what I do. 
  3. People complaining without thinking of others' feelings
  5. Holier-than-thou attitude. (note: I sometimes hate myself too, for thinking that I am better than anyone else. It's like the other brain of mine thinks that I am disgusting)

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