Saturday, May 24, 2014


Study week is driving me nuts. It's that time of the semester where you regret of not getting your head in the game from the very beginning. But it also got me thinking, though I didn't really "study", I didn't also waste my time doing stupid things. For I can remember, my life has been about classes and group assignments and complaints of not understanding things since the past 4 months. But now everything is ahead and on top of me like I've been sleeping all this while. Why do I feel like something is not right. It's like I've been dwelling on a lost train

Anyway, I don't really like it that I'm treating my studies as if my future will 100% depend on my cgpa. I wanna do something else too :( I wanna feel good about doing something else besides studying, to the extent that getting an A is not really my priority

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