Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cause you're on your own in this real world

I just realized this one thing. My routine life is so routined. I hope it's a good thing though I can't deny the shortcomings of having this kind of life. I realized that what I do every day is like in accordance to its timing and schedule. From classes to sleeping, to eating and to going to the toilet. I realized this when I entered the toilet the other day after stats class. In my mind, I was like "dila you've never missed going to the toilet around this time since the sem started" and to my surprise people around are starting to notice too. Ihik.

And so tonight I made new friends with law students, who are Amalina's friends. Usually I'll say no to meeting new people especially if my close friends aren't with me to meet them. But tonight I decided not to be an antisocial potato and meet these people and we're actually planning to do some zine publishing! Since they are law students, the way they talk, how they brainstorm and give out ideas are so distinct from us accounting students. I was actually quite nervous but I had fun meeting them. Really looking forward to making this thing big :D

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