Thursday, January 9, 2014


As a girl who has always been, you can say, suffering from acne problem, I sure have tried a lot of skin products out there. Garnier, Nivea, Oxy, T3, or local products like Sendayu Tinggi, Natasya, etc... you name it. I've tried it all. Nothing has ever worked on me. I don't know what is wrong with my skin, but I think it's because I have cynus. Nevertheless, I never gave up on finding the right product for my skin. The last time I think I was pretty satisfied with a cleanser is Cosmoderm's. But it only worked for a few months. And then it was kind of, tak load dah. You know.

Through my last semester, my skin got worse. And I cried a few times thinking how ugly my face was, and not to mention it was my last semester for my foundation so you imagine the pressure. I had spent a lot of money on skin products that didn't result okay at all. At the end of the semester, I wanted to try one last product. I promised myself that it would be my last, or else I'm gonna give up and wait until I get a job and a lot of money to see a dermatologist. Emo betul kan lol. I remember reciting bismillah a few times while choosing the product, and Alhamdulillah. I made the right choice.

My skin has gotten better, though new zits still appear every single day. But I am more confident now. At least I feel better. It's hard to talk to people without thinking what they might think of all the flaws on my face, and did I mention I have a quite terrible scar above my lips? Yea I don't know what to do with that but whatever, I have less things to be worried about now. All thanks to Dnars Skincare. My advice to any people who have acne problem, consider on choosing local skin products. Don't underestimate them, no matter how unattractive their packaging is :p


Sakinah Azman said...

kenapa aku tengok kulit kau ok je selama ni?!

Dila said..., concealer, compact powder.... hahaha

Sakinah Azman said...

perempuan mmg kena pakai ke benda2 tu kenapa aku rasa semua orang pakai tp aku takde satu pun hahaha btw dnars tu mahal tak mmg ok eh aku tgk ramai aa kata kulit cam tak kusam dah pakai tu

Dila said...

better jgn pakai la, lagi rosak kot kulit kalau pakai foundation sume haha. dnars dalam 55 je. ok la :)

Anonymous said...

hi u beli katne dnars ni? mmg berkesan ke bape lame result shown? u guna set ke apa. pastu kan kalau dah start harus keep on guna ke boleh stop lepas dah elok? kopak la nak spend every month mahal2. kan. haha