Friday, January 3, 2014


It's the third day of 2014 and I'm still at home doing the same routine I've been doing since my break started three months ago (and I still have approximately one month to go). Three months, home-bound. My feelings are rollercoaster. But most of the time, I just wanted be alone. It felt so good having the time all to yourself.
All in all, 2013 was great for me despite the things I wish I hadn't done. Got through two semesters, one of which was horrendous and another one which I enjoyed the most. Earlier 2013, I was slapped hard enough by the fact that when people wanna leave, they will leave. Your feelings are not to their concern.
But that was then. I kept going through the rest of the year trying to let go of anything that I didn't need. At least what I thought I didn't need, which also means hurting other people
So this year, I wanna make the best of it. Put all those shitty unnecessary feelings aside, look up to the world, and be more grateful of what I have. I've never been more excited about welcoming a new year but this time round, I'm determine to rock it lol you know what, I'm typing this while lying on my bed. I'm laughing for 3 years bye have a great year everyone!

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