Saturday, December 14, 2013

December 2nd, 2013

Last year, I tweeted Northern Downpour lyrics and Nafis who was once a stranger, happened to have mutual friends with mine, replied to it by continuing the lyrics. And I gotta admit he's one of the special friends I have to date because he's a living proof that music connects people.

This year a similar thing happened again. I made friends with a Rainger. I tell you, this dude is one random and spontaneous dude. He bought an extra ticket for Hujan's orchestra show and planned on going with whoever that bought it. Long story short, I had to be the one needing it. That's how music played its part on getting me to know another stranger again.

And who would have thought that the guy was actually a UIA student? That scared the poop out of me knowing how small the world is. First, it was Nafis who I think is friends with almost everyone I know. And then there's this dude. Fate surely has its own style in life

Anyway, it was a beautiful experience to  see my most favourite local band play in an orchestra show. Dewan Filharmonik Petronas is a small yet classy orchestra hall. It's almost as small as a movie theater. Maybe smaller. Not that it's a bad thing in fact it's a good thing. The band seemed so friendly with the Raingers. During the show, Noh interacted with the audience like it was not a formal event. Hey kau yang pakai tongkat tu, aku boleh dengar suara kau. Diam sikit. Hahahahha. And I lost counts of how many times he said I love you to Mizz Nina.

Of course the music arrangement was superb. AG Coco was behind it. I can't explain how beautiful every song sounded. Incredibly beautiful. Me were cries


Edryna said...

kau pakai fair and lovely ke apa doh asal putih semacam ni

Dila said...

Baru lepas plastic surgery