Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I think I only use 30% of my brain since the sem break started. And I just realized I've been rotting in this house for about a month now. I did apply for a job but I know most shops don't hire sales girl with a hijab. That's fine though cause I don't think I can change my sleeping schedule. It's shameful but I wake up everyday at 12 pm. Every single day. Mak is surprisingly okay with that, but of course, extra chores yeay. 

I got my final sem results a few days back and I can't be more thankful to Allah for it. It's not that good but I know it's a bit more than what I deserved. Especially since I've not been acting well lately. Well, this is exactly how I felt when I got my spm result lol EH LUPA DUIT TUSYEN FIZIK TAK BAYAR LAGI

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