Sunday, November 17, 2013

A little incident

Last Sunday, we were on our way to KLCC when DinaDini's Atoz broke down in the middle of AKLEH. It was the first time we ever encountered such problem and of course we didn't know what to do. We called everyone that we thought could and might help us. We were so panicked Beiha even asked her friend if the car was going to explode =.=' Luck was on our side that day we couldn't be anymore thankful for all the people who helped us on that afternoon. The car was towed all the way to I don't know which part of Ampang but we didn't have to pay even a cent. Who would ever believe that?

Anyway it was a great experience despite all the sweat. I went back home with my brother and got stuck in a traffic jam for almost two hours. What a weekend.

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