Friday, June 1, 2012


I have like, a couple of days before I leave for UIA. I have to sit for an Arabic language exam but the only thing I remember about the language besides the numbers is, burtuqolun which I thought meant apple, but then Sakinah corrected that burtuqolun = lime. Basically, I'm not ready at all.

Most of my friends have already left for matrics, and as for Edy, UTP. Since I don't have anyone to hang out with, or things to do, what I do to fill my time is replying their texts about how they are doing. Like, how tired and sick they are, how their new friends aren't like us, how bored their lives are or will be like, and the hungriness they have to bear. It's very entertaining to see them mumbling through texts.

And this is what Fatin just sent me "aku sumpah homesick doh.nk peluk kau doh sumpah nak nangis.takut doh dila :("

You know what, my campus is only a few minutes drive from home, but I think I'm already homesick. I'm scared if I have to sleep alone :(((((((


nur said...

so what course will you taking there? and good luck (:

Dila said...

I'm taking economics :)