Saturday, June 9, 2012

Far away,

It's been five days since I entered a 'new chapter' of my life, and I'm not just saying it because it's a 'university life', but a it's all so different. From the moment I'm awake from my sleep, until I fall asleep again at night, it's just not as what I lived my life before. The dressing code, the not mingling with boys, the way of conversing, the   food, and even how I can't just wrap the towel around my body when I have to go shower. But yes, old habits die hard. I hope I can absorb these new things.

By the way, is it normal that I'm not homesick even though all my life, I've never been away from my family for five days straight? Hahah. (padahal dah plan awal-awal nak balik rumah tiap-tiap minggu) The orientation week was not tough at all. It's basically just a week filled with a few exams and tests. I think I spent most of my time in the orientation week complaining. Me being me.

This was my old room at UIA PJ. The new one at Gombak is purrtyyy!

An inspiring quote to keep me going :
Islam is easy, but don't make it easy.


nura said...

eh eh tudung u korg cm sama dgn tudung kolej kita lah :D

Dila said...

hehehe aah, tapi kitorang ada cop uia sebijik kat belakang tudung :D

edy said...

me so jelly la with you guys.tengok tu baru masuk dah ada geng T.T

Dila said...

takyah jeles, kau dah utp, kitorang yang patut jeles. hahah