Monday, May 14, 2012


I had a weird dream last night. If it were to become a movie, I don't know what genre it would be. I dreamed that I was with a few friends, I don't know who they were. They dressed up fabulously, like the Kardashians. You know, long hair, animal coats, leggings and high heels stiletto kind of footwear. I didn't dress up like that, though. I guess in my dream, I'm also me. Wearing  jeans and sneakers. We were on our way out of a cinema when we saw a trailer of a horror movie. Suddenly both of my friends were like, possessed by something I can't really describe. They went running at me like zombies with their high heels in their hands, trying to beat me up with the pointy heels. I'm 90% sure that they wanted me to wear those heels. And then I woke up to me breathing so loudly.

Can't I just dream cute stuffs? -.-

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